The Estate Sale! A Great Solution When You Have a lot of Good Household Items to Repurpose!

The Estate Sale! A Great Solution When You Have a lot of Good Household Items to Repurpose!



Estate Sale


What is It??

An estate sale is when someone opens up their home or condo in order to sell all their belongings quickly and for the most money possible. It might also be called a “tag sale”.


Why Would You do This?

The reasons why someone would hold an estate sale can usually be attributed to downsizing, selling a home held in an estate or owners moving into assisted living or other types of special needs housing. These life changes not only bring on emotional challenges, they bring on logistical challenges, as well. In preparation for the home sale and it’s after effects, clients may want or need to sell many of their household items… and maybe even some personal items. They often prefer to sell them quickly… or all at once.


How Does It Work

The need to sell many possessions is where an estate sale comes in. Estate sales may be held by a person, family or the estate executor managing all the details themselves . However, some people prefer to hire an estate sale contractor where professional liquidators organize the estate sale, from pricing individual items and appraisal, to the final clean out.

There are differences between estate/tag sales and garage or yard sales. Estate sales sell things that someone can’t keep any longer vs garage/yard sales take place when people no longer WANT their stuff. At an estate sale, you can find everything from high-end items such as jewelry and fine art, to expensive household furnishings, tools and kitchen equipment, to ordinary things like books or more random items. A professional can help establish the price for high value items. Of course, if you have extremely valuable belongings, you may choose to work with an auction house or a professional who specializes such things.






Promoting Your Event

Signage and directional indicators are always necessary, as is advertising, especially though social media, word of mouth and local media. One key factor is staging. This can make or break your estate sale! The good news is, staging is completely within your control. Do what you can (be creative) to provide the kind of atmosphere that would best attract customers who will appreciate your things and put them in the buying frame of mind. Think about how you feel when you walk into your favorite store. Maintain space for buyers to move around comfortably, organize things by room type and size, show off the special pieces in the best light possible and be knowledgeable regarding the most unusual and historic items!

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Missy Adams, Team Leader

Adams Home Team

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