75 Years Ago Today! D-Day The Begining of The End of WWII

75 Years Ago Today! D-Day The Begining of The End of WWII

Always Remember

JUNE 6, 1944

75 Years


I’m a tad misty-eyed this morning – thinking of what was going on as we speak, 75 years ago on the beaches of Normandy, France. Tens of thousands on Americans, and Allies, were giving their lives in the free world’s best effort to basically – not sure how the otherwise phrase this – Save The World. The casualty rates in the first two waves of the invasion ranged in the 80-90% levels. Almost certain death/injury…yet they kept coming. The sacrifices made this day and the subsequent 11 months until the demonic Nazi’s were crushed, were astounding.

This was not done without tremendous support not just on the battlefields but on the home front. Women assumed roles never attempted before in factories all over the US. In some cases, children as well. War Bond tours raising money, Gas rationing, saving all manner of materials for recycling into parts for tanks, airplanes and the munitions of war. Everyone played a role. My mother-in-law still saved balls of rubber bands when she passed at 95 a few years ago. Old habits die hard when the world is at stake – maybe it was a way of remembering! Never forget.

These citizens, aka The Greatest Generation did it. They saved the freedoms we enjoy today…and sometimes take for granted. A salute to my father-in-law(RIP) for his 3 years combat in North Africa and Europe. I can only imagine the feeling when the end was finally in sight.

I am old enough (not admitting anything!) to have talked directly to many people who fought in WWII and/or did their part on the “home front”. Their stories are amazing. So, I feel some connectivity to the events of today. For those of you who are younger and may not have had the benefit of such conversations and maybe feel somewhat removed (understandably) from what was going on 75 years ago, I would ask you join me in taking a few minutes today to google D-Day and the invasion of Normandy and let it all sink in a little. Those pictures of the thousands of white crosses in the various cemeteries around the shores of France always get me.

I really believe that understanding the spirit, dedication, patriotism and magnitude of commitment to a common goal that bound our country together then and led to success, is worth the effort. Perhaps by appreciating the spirit of the past…we can better chart a roadmap for the future.

End of pontification! ?


Always Remember……..





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